Dendron 0.63 has sprouted 🌱


  • feat(workspace): native workspace support - use Dendron in your own workspace (docs)
  • feat(workspace): contextual UI - native code actions and right click support for common operations (docs)

Everything Else

  • fix(preview): some links not resolving on preview
  • fix(schemas): schema templates copy over frontmatter tags
  • fix(views): tree view order
  • fix(lookup): bad journal note name

House Cleaning

  1. RFC 23: Consolidate Configurations (Private)

Dendron configuration can be overwhelming - we are working on making it less so by consolidating configuration by function via a gradual rollout. This week, we are migrating all command related options to their own namespace. We will migrate the remaining configuration over the new few weeks. This should be transparent to you as an end user - a backup of your current configuration will be created before migrating .


Greenhouse Series - Typescript Development with Dendron and VS Code

In Greenhouse talks, Dendron community members share the fruits of their learning. This may include showcasing workflows, tooling setups, systems, and other topics in personal knowledge management, but also anything that the speaker has in-depth knowledge of that may be of interest to the wider community.

All talks are recorded and made available on YouTube after the fact.


In this talk, Kevin, Dendron founder, will go over his workflow for Dendron development using typescript and VS Code.


  • VS Code setup: extensions and settings
  • process for breaking down a task
  • using Dendron to augment the development process
  • test and debug process
  • questions


Speaker Notes

The following were my personal notes for the talk


  • quicktime test

VS Code

  • installed
    • gitlens
    • prettier
    • vim
  • settings
  • layout
    • four pane split
      • top is main
    • bottom is secondary

Starting on a task

  • write out goal
  • write subtasks
  • write commit message
  • write tests
  • write impl


  • go to tests, run
  • open up package.json for package
  • check snapshot
  • test-workspace.sh
  • focus breadcrumbs: cmd shift .
  • find all references
  • search
    • limit search to right extension (eg. ".ts")
    • for React components, sometimes search by folder
      • sidebar/index.html

Dendron Reading Series

This week's entry in the Dendron Reading Series. Small update to the format - the entry for the reading series will now be pinned in the #teatime channel which is now open for everyone!

Personally, I find few things as frustrating as trying to get Siri to understand me. Voice recognition is one of those things were the difference between 95% and 99% accuracy matters.

Thank You's

A big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release :man_farmer: :woman_farmer: You can see an overview of all roles here


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