2021-11-24 Office Hours

Office hours

November 24 - Office Hours

  • Highlights

    • Native Workspaces -bunch of improvements made for the last week

      -use Dendron inside of subfolders or anywhere else
      -have existing VS code project, add Dendron vault or Dendron workspace                    

    into that project

-can publish/export

Future improvements:

  • Leave inline code by wiki link, do goto note and navigate to the part of the code

  • Integration of Dendron workspace into existing user projects

  • Integration within IDE

    • publishing improvements

      • Mermaid
      • Katex
      • Inline Code
      • Better table formatting
    • schemas, inline schemas

      • Easier to use
      • Schemas will now auto update
      • More practical, easy to experiment and try out different patterns
      • Templates repo available upon workspace initialization (3 diff defaults)
      • More features coming along the way to make schemas more flexible and more expressive.
  • Questions

    • CLI + Dendron Native Workspace
    • Dendron only indexes the vaults that are in the workspace
    • Dendron VIM Integration
      • CLI
      • API
      • Language Server Protocol (future project)
        • Unix Philosophy vs Dendron Philosophy