Dendron Public Roadmap

Work In Progress 🚧

This section is actively being worked on and may be incomplete.

The public roadmap is designed to give you more information about what features and functionality you can expect from Dendron over the coming months. With more transparency into what we’re building, you can share feedback earlier and have more influence into what we’re building.


Our roadmap is intended to align with Dendron's overall Mission statement. We have only added the top-level "epics" to our roadmap i.e. the large things that will have a lot of impact on the user experience.

This year, we plan to focus on three things to maximize impact:

  1. Build out Dendron's core functionality: lookup, schemas, pods, visualization, preview, sharing, plugins, and performance. These are some of the foundational features Dendrologists rely on everyday and we will make sure that they keep getting better. We will continue to add new features, improve existing features, and make sure that the core note-taking functionality is more intuitive and easier to use over time.

  2. Create a Federated Knowledge Repository. The promise of Dendron is to help people manage knowledge at scale. Most knowledge already exists in READMEs, specs, and other places. We want to make it easy to access both existing content as well as for Dendrologists to share their own.

  3. Build out Dendron for Teams. Dendron is great to use as an individual but is even more powerful when used with others. To this end, we are building out authentication, synchronization and sharing features to make Dendron a best in class tool for collaboration.

These goals lead us to the following set of features. These can definitely change (and they're really the highlights amongst all the other enhancements and bug fixes) but hopefully this gives you a birds-eye view of what we're delivering.

In Q3

In Q4


If you have questions or comments, share them either as GitHub issues or in the #feedback channel in Discord.

In addition to the content of the roadmap being updated regularly, we will also iterate on the format of the roadmap itself. We see the potential of reactions, issue comments, and even GitHub Discussions being useful for receiving direct signals back from the community about what we’ve planned. If you have feedback about the roadmap repository itself, such as how the issues are presented, let us know on Discord as well.

How can you help?

We're really lucky to have a strong community committed to building open-source knowledge management tools. There are a few ways to get involved:

  1. Bug Bash: We're always working on performance and stability improvements, please file actionable bugs with good details. It'll help us prioritize them and fix them!
  2. Document and Publish: We're on a journey to improve documentation in all forms. If you're interested in contributing, please help build out a strong list of preset vaults - PKM, TLDR, AWS or this wiki.
  3. Develop: A super impactful way to get involved is by working on and delivering one of the community-picked features.

Make sure to check out the roles to get more ideas for ways to help.

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