Its been an active week of Dendron development. These weekly release notes are to keep you up to date on some of the things we're working on.

These release notes are summary of the more notable changes, for the full list, please look at our CHANGELOG


  • 🚧 experimental


New Getting Started Experience (dd4f50e)

Dendron has a completely re-done getting started. you can see it by running > Dendron: Initialize Workspace in a new workspace and then navigating to dendron.quickstart

🚧 Graph View for Hierarchies (129bf4e)

Note that Dendron's graph view lays out your notes according to their hierarchy (vs backlinks).

🚧 Windows Support (a789ec5)

Dendron is now compatible with windows

Upgrade Settings Command (c043090)

Dendron will automatically update your workspace settings during version upgrades to make sure they stay up to date with new features and bundled extensions. If you've modified the settings or want to restore your settings back to their default, you can run this command.

Reload Index Command (236b2ac)

Dendron will re-initialize the index. This is currently necessary if you add new entries to a schema. Otherwise, Dendron will re-index schemas the next time you reload/open your workspace.

Open Logs Command (4f223fc)

A bunch of you have been submitting issues to our issue tracker. To make the process easier, we now have a command to automatically fetch get the logs for when you submit your next issue.

Be able to open non-Markdown files using native apps (eg. use preview to open PDFs on mac).

Journal Notes (5e1236f)

A journal note is a self contained note that is meant to track something over time. Examples of journals include recording workout sessions, making meeting notes, and keeping a mood journal.

Scratch Notes scratch (71d8433)

A scratch note is a self contained note that is meant to be used as scratchpad. Use it for thoughts or when you want to expand on a bullet point. Scratch notes are created in the scratch domain and have the following format: {domain}.journal.{Y-MM-DD-HH-HHmmss}.


Issue were the newest VS Code broken links. This fixes that.


Reduce Startup Speed (4502e49)

Use webpack to reduce bundle size and reduce startup speed by factor of 10

Remove Extra Frontmatter (e059346)

Dendron keeps track of metadata to your notes using frontmatter. There were many fields that we wrote out that didn't need to be written out because Dendron gathers that information during its index phase. Those fields are now no longer written out!

Initialize Default Workspace with Relative Paths (790ef50)

By not hardcoding the workspace path, it makes it easy to use Dendron between different devices.

  • change workspaces accepts '~' path (d6c4f64)
  • creating journals copies path to clipboard (a34fc81)
  • automatic setting upgrades (ae74675)
  • keyboard shortcuts for scratch and journal notes (076fa18)

Initialize New Vault With git (7278b6f)

Dendron will now initialize a git repository when you run Initialize Workspace

Example Video

Dendron now has an example video. You can watch it here.


Some notable items we are working on for the next release. You can join the GitHub Discussions, and also take a look at the Dendron Public Roadmap docs.

Refactor Hierarchies

Be able to refactor hierarchies and have all file names and links automatically update.

Publish to GitHub Pages

Be able to publish a vault as a GitHub page

Thank You

Last and most of all, a big thanks to all these people that contributed issues and suggestions during this release.