DEPRECATION NOTICE: This is documentation related to legacy publishing. For the latest guidance, reference the current publishing documentation.

Dendron has two navigation sections: the nav bar on the left and the table of contents on the bottom of each note.


Sort Order

Nav order is controlled, in order of precedence, by the following:

  • custom nav_order property in the frontmatter
  • alphabetically by title

The navbar will first show all notes with the nav_order property before showing notes alphabetically. Notes with the nav_exclude attribute will not be shown in the navbar

Table of Contents

The nav order for the table of contents that is generated at the bottom of each node works in the same way as the navigation side bar.

To exclude an item from navigation, you can set the nav_exclude on the note frontmatter. This will exclude it from both the navigation side bar and the table of contents.


The children section shows all the direct children of the current page

A list of backlinks to the current note.