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Release Notes(version 0.11)

  • My wife, Ilana Lin, drew a comic for this week's release. Follow her on instagram and she might draw more comics for Dendron πŸ˜‡


This week's release comes with improved references as well as better tooling around pods and snippets.

Dendron's pretty refs help you identify when content is embedded from elsewhere and provide links back to the source.

Dendron allows you to reference content from other notes and embed them in your current note.

Currently, Dendron supports 3 types of references:

  • note references
  • block references
  • block range references

References have the following syntax:


Another example with a header range:


NOTE: When referencing headers with spaces in them, the note ref needs to use - instead of spaces within the name. This is a limitation of adopting GitHub-style slugger references. This is also useful for when multiple subheaders on a page may have the same name, which would expect something else #foo vs. #foo-1 vs. #foo-2. This can be automatically taken care of by highlighting a header, and using cmd+shift+r / ctrl+shift+r to add a properly-formatted note ref to the clipboard.

For more information:

NOTE: Dendron recently switched the note ref syntax for ((ref: [[foo]])) to ![[foo]]. The videos have not yet been updated to reflect this change.

The Dendron CLI lets you access a subset of Dendron's functionality inside the terminal, including the ability to import/export your notes.

We also released the Dendron Snippet Maker, a standalone extension that comes bundled with Dendron which helps you create snippets from the current selected text.

These release notes are summary of the more notable changes, for the full list, please look at our CHANGELOG


Release Dendron CLI

Dendron now has a its own CLI that you can run standalone from the Dendron plugin.


The Dendron CLI exposes Dendron's functionality via the command line.


  • Run export pod using cli
  • Run import pod using cli
  • Run backfill using cli


  • Import using cli not initialized in certain cases


New note from selection cmd

Create new note from a selection


Add configure pod command

  • shortcuts: none

Update your pod configuration


  • Use consistent interface for import/export
  • Additional additional options on export


  • Deal with . when importing directories


Published sites use pretty refs

  • status: optional
  • default: True

Whether to use pretty note refs or plain refs.

Support noindex option

  • default: false

To tell google to not index a page, you can add the following tag to the frontmatter. You can also have this as a default for a given hierarchy by setting noIndexByDefault: true in the site config.

noindex: true


  • Add config to specify pretty refs


  • Update bad links
  • Fix ref display on published site


Support wildcard refs

When you're referencing a header by reference, sometimes you don't care what the next header is, just that the reference covers all text up to the next header. You can now specify this using the * symbol in a header reference.

For example, the following would reference the content from header1 to the next header.



  • Create ref with anchor if selected
  • Render refs in container


  • Bad ref resolution


Dendron Snippet Maker

This is a standalone extension used by Dendron to help you more easily create snippets.


Create Global Snippet

Goto Global Snippet


  • Friendlier default settings

Community Announcements


A bunch of our fellow Dendronites have published notes using Dendron. You can check it at the showcase.

We've also created a new role -> @Planter :man_farmer::woman_farmer: , to recognize folks who have published using Dendron.

If you have a site you would like to showcase, please ping Kevin ( or edit the showcase page directly and adding your site :)

Thank You

Last and most of all, a big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release.