2021-09-05 Office Hours

Office hours


Company Updates

  • More fuzzy lookup

  • Next.js Publishing in Beta

  • Autocomplete and refactor for user tags

  • Lots of other improvements



  • Getting started with Next.js publication

  • https://wiki.dendron.so/notes/PgwAXFfotfgpFVqHQRlBl.html

    • where in the code is the nav pane's contents put together?

    • where is the call to that code?

    • can you share your tsconfig.json file, (think I'd need sourcemap, probably others)

    • from "...node resources need updating" for site preview I figure a lot of the code is run by node, can I run it under the debugger to help figure it out

    • if so, what is the set up I need?

Using Next.js template

echo "clone git repo for Next.js..."

git clone github.com:dendronhq/nextjs-template.git

echo "create metadata for Next.js..."

dendron exportPod --podId dendron.nextjs --config="dest=/Users/kevinlin/code/dendron/packages/nextjs-template"

echo "preview locally"

cd nextjs-template

yarn dev

echo "generate export"

yarn export