One use of a knowledge base is that of a cache - quickly referencing information you have seen or worked with before.

The most important properties of an effective cache:

  • fast referencing (of an existing note)
  • fast writing (of a new note)
  • fast updating (of existing notes)

Dendron is ideally suited for this knowledge-as-a-cache use case.

  • Dendron lookups provide fast reading/writing of both new and existing notes
  • Dendron schemas help structure your knowledge even as you accumulate more notes


You can see a public example of what this might look like on Kevin's project reference hierarchy. He keeps public reference notes on projects he's used.

Some things to note:

  • when using your notes as a cache, you might have duplicate content from other sites. be aware of copyright laws and check that you can re-publish said content
  • when re-publishing content, Google will penalize your site if you have duplicate content from other sites. you can tell Google to not index specific pages or hierarchies

Exclude page from index

Exclude hierarchy from index