2021-05-30 Office Hours

Company updates

  • Rationale: Dendron Public Roadmap - Dendron
  • Product update
    • Block references
    • Graph Viz.
    • Lookup is fuzzier and more accurate
  • PKM docs
    • Call for help/support here if you’ve got insight into a particular tool/method or both.
    • Build out more of these (AWS, NPM etc.)
  • Design system
    • Moving native view -> web view.
    • Using the same components for native view in VS Code preview and for publishing.
  • Update on Windows integration tests
    • Mac/Linux is working
    • Windows is high on tech-debt list.
  • Theming (from Brandon)
    • Styling so that people can configure preview and site.
    • Theming will be supported but what extent we’re not sure:
      • Preview should be an extension of the editor.


  • For the schema.yml, json-schemas I'm currently working on I have the Option to generate Types from the schema files or from types, which variant would you prefer?


  • Obligatory Covid talk
  • Windows + integration support.
    • Luke actually fixed a lot of UNIX/Windows file path difference issues a while ago.
  • JSON schemas
    • End goal is to have JSON schemas to validate a schema.
      • JSON <-> TS. Which direction to go?
      • Looking at the current codebase - non-obvious which types are for schemas.
      • Going from JSON Schema to interfaces should be the preferred way to go.
      • Fudo already has repo for review.