Early Seed

This page documents the features, enhancements, and fixes in the latest early seed release. The early seed is a preview of the weekly release, so you'll see the next minor version when installing (ex. 0.78.0 instead of 0.77.1). When dendron ships the general release, the currently installed extension will automatically be updated (but will still have same version).


Breaking changes

Since we are disabling date variable substitution, current users will not be able to use it for the time being.


  • enhance(publish): logo can reference a full URL path to external image (docs) (#2189) @kaan (Private)
  • enhance(lookup): add configuration for vault selection behavior, change prompt vault selection default to true (docs) (#1960) @nickolay (Private)
  • enhance(publish): attempt to update nextjs template in-place (#2162) Luke Carrier lukecarrier#2081
  • enhance(publish): add lockfile to nextjs (#2215) @kevin (Private)


  • fix(server): highlighting breaks when there's too much text (#2163) @kaan (Private)
  • fix(workspace): stop link candidate logic when disabled (#2136) @hikchoi (Private)
  • fix(commands): renamed command from goto note to go to note by skfile skfile
  • fix(markdown): Exclude parenthesis from tags (#2182) Nicklas Gummesson viddo#9229
  • fix(publish): logo doesn't respect assetsPrefix (#2189) @kaan (Private)
  • fix(workspace): cursor moves to top when opening file through the search (#2193) @kaan (Private)
  • fix(schema): Use string replace instead of lodash for date variable substitution (breaking change)
  • fix(publish): some published pages will show error (#2199) @kaan (Private)