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Early Seed


Copy Note Ref Range Selections

If you highlight multiple blocks, Dendron can create a range selection that spans the blocks selected. Watch the following video starting at the 10s mark for an example.

Random Note Command

Navigates to a random note in the workspace. By default, all notes are included in the set that can be navigated to with this command. This can be adjusted with the randomNote setting in the Dendron Config (see Configure (yaml)).

# Sample configuration in dendron.yml:
        - alpha

This pattern would specify a set including all notes under alpha except for notes in the hierarchy. The set would also include notes under*.

  • If include is not specified, then the include matching pattern will match all notes.
  • exclude takes precedence over include, so if the patterns are identical, no notes will match.

Show Schema Graph V2

Launch the command bar (see docs): > Dendron: Show Schema Graph V2

Click on a node to open up the corresponding schema in your workspace.

The schema graph shows high level connections between a vault's root schema and other schemas within the vault. These other schemas may have other nodes connected to them representing additional children of that schema.

Better Graph Filtering Options

In the top left of both the note and schema graphs lives the graph filter view. This UI element contains information about the graph and various filtering options.


  • Hierarchy: When checked, include hierarchical graph connections
  • Links: When checked, include linked note connections


  • copy note ref will create a block ref and insert block anchors when you have a block element selected (docs)
  • copy note link will create a block link and insert block anchors when you have a block element selected (docs)

Bug Fixes

  • published assets now respect vault configuration
  • template error when publishing in windows

House Cleaning

  • Analytics
    • we now measure duration when installing and upgrading Dendron (see docs)
  • Deprecation Notices
    • Dendron Markdown Links is now deprecated and replaced with Dendron's Native Graph Commands. It will be removed July 12, 2021