This guide will cover setting up the layout describe above.

  1. Run Initialize Workspace to create a new company workspace
  2. Run Vault Add and a new local vault named org-private
  3. Run Vault Remove to remove the default vault that got created when you created the workspace
  4. For every vault you created, create a git repository and convert it to a remote vault by following the instructions here. When your done, the vaults section of your dendron.yml should look something like the below.
            fsPath: dendron
                type: git
                url: 'git@github.com:dendronhq/dendron.git'
  5. Create a repo for your workspace and push this as well (eg. workspace-{company})
  6. For each user in your team, have them clone the workspace repo. They can run Change Workspace with the path to the workspace to initialize it. Dendron will initiate all remote vaults during the process.
  7. (Optional): Add the schema vault as a remote vault to get access to some useful schemas