Keyboard Shortcut Change


Troubleshooting for keyboard shortcut related issues.

Customizing your keyboard shortcuts

VSCode gives you the ability to change keyboard shortcuts that are built-in or contributed by extensions.

To learn how you can change them, please see Keybindings

Requesting changes

If you think a default keyboard shortcut that was added by Dendron conflicts with a very popular shortcut in VSCode, please feel free to open a request to change it in our GitHub repository

We will keep track of the request and make decision based on the demand.

Troubleshooting changes to default keyboard shortcuts

The VSCode ecosystem is full of extensions that each contribute many different keyboard shortcuts for their features.

Dendron aims to provide a set of keyboard shortcuts with sensible defaults that doesn't clash with the frequently used keyboard shortcuts for VSCode users.

In order to do this, sometimes we have to change existing keyboard shortcuts that are causing conflicts.

Please check the list of changes here and follow the instructions for the particular changes.

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