Code Actions


Code actions provide quick fixes and refactoring capabilities in the editor. For more details, see here.


Rename Symbol

Dendron makes use of the VS Code Rename Symbol command (F2) to perform the equivelant of Rename Note on a wikilink.

  • Place the cursor inside a wikilink
  • Press F2 (or the command Rename Symbol)

Rename Symbol will rename the note that the wikilink is referencing, and updates all the backlinks as if you opened the linked note and used Dendron: Rename Note.

Dendron currently supports the following symbols:

Rename Header

Dendron autosuggests to rename a header if you tap on a header or highlight it. Rename Header

Copy Header Reference

Dendron autosuggests to copy the note ref with the selected header if you tap on a header or highlight it.

Copy Header Reference

Refactor Extract

You can extract highlighted text to a new note by clicking on the refactor extract lightbulb next to the selection, and click on Extract text to new note.

Refactor Exttract

You can fix a broken wikilink, tags or user mentions, by selecting Add missing note for wikilink declaration from the code action lightbulb displayed after taping on or next to the broken link.

Broken Links Code Action