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Release Notes (version 0.31)

Dendron 0.31 has sprouted 🌱

This is probably the biggest release we've had in 2021! Lots of goodies to make dendron and multi vault work better. Enjoy responsibility :)


  • cross vault links let you specify links to notes in multi-vault workspaces
  • note references now work across vaults
  • backlinks are also generated during publishing
  • you can now extend dendron with custom pods to publish your notes to different destinations
  • usual round of bug fixes and performance improvements


A big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release :man_farmer: :woman_farmer: You can see an overview of all roles here



Cross vault links are a way of exactly specifying a note in a multi vault workspace. You can turn a regular link into a cross vault link by adding dendron://$vaultName/ prefix where $vaultName is the name of your vault.

Some examples:

  • regular wiki link: [[dendron://vault/foo]]
  • wiki link with alias: [[Foo Note|dendron://vault/foo]]
  • relative link: [[Foo Note|dendron://vault/foo#header1]]

You can also use cross vault links for note references.

  • note ref: ![[dendron://vault/foo]]


  • you can now add a workspace when adding a remote vault (docs)
  • better block quotes (docs)
  • better formatted backlinks on published pages
  • backlinks display using note title instead of file names
  • copy note commands will create a cross vault link when in multi-vault environment

Bug Fixes

  • selecting non-primary root note in dendron tree
  • bad backlinks created for home page
  • issue with hierarchies for mixed case parents


  • new docs on using dendron for blogging

House Cleaning

  • table of contents on published sites is now a remark extension, header changed to children
  • jekyll publishing has been renamed to legacy publishing
  • lots of internal refactoring of code



Custom Pods

We now have custom pod support

Custom pods can be developed by anyone as a NodeJS package and used after a user installs it in their workspace. They can be used with either the dendron-cli or from within the Dendron extension to import/export/publish your notes from/to anywhere

  • NOTE: at the current time, custom pods can only be run using dendron-cli. We're working on building them into the plugin within the next couple of weeks
  • NOTE: currently, only custom pods for publishing is supported. We're working on adding support for import and export pods

If you are interested in developing your own publishing pod, you can docs to do so here Pod

As an example of what you can do with a custom pod, we created the Pod which lets you publish your notes to


  • backlinks in published sites

This is the equivalent to the backlinks panel when using the desktop app.

Backlinks are automatically deduped and also work in a multi-vault setting.

Bug Fixes

  • delete node sometimes fails in multi-vault
  • publishing multi-vault will sometimes not work if multiple domain notes
  • unable to select root of multi-vault notes in tree view

House Cleaning

  • if you're working on the codebase, dendron.code-workspace has been renamed to dendron-main.code-workspace
    • this helps if you're working on dendron while having dendron installed since Dendron, prior to this change, would also activate when you were editing the code