Dendron 0.13 is here 🌱

It's been a few weeks since the last minor release. This iteration was mostly spent on our server migration as well as a series of quality of life improvements across Dendron's core features. You can find the details of all this in the highlights below.


  • move to the final phase of the (In Progress)server migration
    • Dendron server mode is now at feature parity with existing functionality
    • the server migration is a complete re-write of Dendron's internal to go from a client to client (local) server model
    • this is pre-requisite for a bunch of upcoming features like (Next)multi vault support, rich graphical interfaces, and realtime graph updates
    • server mode will be the default for all workspaces going forward
    • existing workspaces will be transparently migrated over after next week
  • order of magnitude speed improvements (server mode only)
    • initializing large vaults
    • updating links through Rename and Refactor operations
  • better note references
    • note references can now be nested
    • a reference to a header can be made by selecting any part of the header before running Copy Note Ref
  • better timestamps (server mode only)
    • the updated timestamp on notes now updates on every save
    • timestamp will now print a human friendly label
  • improved publishing
    • Dendron sites now support latex
    • Dendron will generate a bad link report for all links that do not resolve when publishing
    • bad links will now resolve to a custom 404 link
    • you can define a custom site repository that will be used by publishing commands
  • consolidated lookup
    • creating journal notes and scratch notes are now part of the Lookup Command instead of being separate commands (the old keyboard shortcuts still work - they now map to lookup commands with custom arguments)
    • lookup now accepts arguments that can be passed in via custom keyboard shortcuts
    • you can control the creation of special notes as well as note selection behavior from lookup


Aside from features, we've also launched two seeds (Private). Seeds are open source Dendron sites that consolidate reference material about a particular vertical. Content from the catalogues is derived from existing open source content as well as manual user input. Your πŸ™ is welcomed and encouraged.


Finally, a bunch of you have asked if you can support Dendron financially. The answer is coming at the end of the month! Dendron will be coming out of preview in November, at which point we will launch our Environmentalist Plan 🌲. This is a monthly subscription to support the development of Dendron. Environmentalist will get a special badge on Discord, priority email/Discord access to the development team, and stickers! More details on this soon.

Thank You

Last and most of all, a big to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release.