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Release Notes (version 0.50)

Dendron 0.50 has sprouted 🌱


  • Local Note Graphs. Don't be a tourist. Navigate like a local with local note graphs!
  • Header autocomplete. Header autocomplete works for all your notes. Type [[# to find all headers in your current note and [[ to find a header in a particular note.
  • Block reference autocomplete. Any block in the current not can be referenced (and the reference is automatically added). Just type [[^ to find all arbitrary blocks you can reference in your current note. More details here.
  • Better ux for block anchors. They are now faded in the text editor and hidden on published sites
  • Show/hide labels in graph view and date to be a minimalist.
  • Github import pod. Now, you can import issues directly from Github and have them show up as notes! Learn more here
  • Direct child filter ignores stubs. There's now an easy way to filter notes in the current hierarchy without the clutter of stub notes. Last week's CROP shipped!
  • Fix windows preview issue where links fail top open


Our documentation changes a lot week by week. Below is a highlight of some updates from the past week.


  • hide block anchors config was removed. Hiding published anchors is the expected behavior (no config needed).
  • Dendron Markdown Links is now removed.


  • We're working on a fairly large CROP from a few cycles ago to add unlinked references (#219) and expect to complete this by next week.
  • We've come up with a new approach to default note creation in a multi-vault context. See the discussion here


Office Hours

You can find notes from our latest office hours here

Thank You's

A big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release :man_farmer: :woman_farmer:

You can see an overview of all roles here




Local Graph

Shows a graph of your current note and immediate neighbors. This is the default view when you run Show Note Graph.


  • block anchors are de-emphasized in text editor
  • doctor command will fix bad frontmatter ids

Bug Fixes

  • image preview not showing up on hover
  • gracefully handle a bad wiki link
  • only generate alphanumeric ids to be compatible with github pages urls



  • same file autocomplete headers and anchors (docs)


  • legacy preview will open links in the first window instead of overriding current window
  • better field validation when running publish pod
  • ability to toggle labels on the graph
  • block anchors are hidden in published sites
  • filter stubs when using the directChildOnly modifier

Bug Fixes

  • issue with opening md links on legacy preview in windows
  • case sensitive windows drives cause preview to not work

House Cleaning

  • better analytics for initial tutorial workspace (docs)
  • run eslint on commit