If you would like to contribute to the development of Dendron, checkout out the repo from GitHub.

You can then follow the setup instructions

A great place to start is with issues labelled with the size.small label on GitHub. These are small, self contained tasks that are well suited for first time contributors.

Leave a comment in the issue if you decide to work on it. Issues that are being worked on will be assigned to a person already.

Remember that you are always welcome to ask for help inside the #dev Discord channel.

First Time Developers

If you are interested in contributing to Dendron but haven't spent your career doing software, worry not. This is definitely something you can 🌱 into.

We have lots of resources to help you make your first contribution.

If you are completely new to software development, I would encourage you to look at the following resources:

When you are ready to make a contribution, you can follow the instructions in the development page

I'm also planning on streaming some Dendron development on twitch in the coming weeks to show my workflow for working with Dendron and will give you a heads up when I'm doing them.


If you would like to contribute to the docs, you can do so by either making changes on github directly or by cloning our website repo and sending us a pull request.


Dendron logo

If you would like to make a financial contribution to Dendron, you can do so by getting a Dendron environmentalist subscription.

Environmentalists are special members of our community that help to keep Dendron sustainable. They get access to early builds, priority support, and access to our dev channel.



  • Special badge on Discord
  • Access to Environmentalist Discord channel
  • Early access to new features
  • Help keep Dendron sustainable

$25+ (one time payment)


  • Everything in Seed
  • Priority support
  • Stickers




  • Everything in Sprout
  • Ability to gift seed membership to other members (1x per month)
  • Hand made Dendron themed illustrations (every few months)




  • Everything in Tree
  • access to teams Discord channel
  • personalized training sessions
  • business-level support




What happened to the old contributor's page?

It's still available at the same endpoint. Since we're using memberful to manage memberships, it seemed unnecessary to have a separate page for memberships.

What happened to the old seed plan?

The original seed plan was a subscription plan and will continue to exist. To keep the number of tiers low, we decided to refactor the original seed plan into a one-time payment plan instead of introducing a new tier. All existing seed plan subscribers will be considered Sprout in terms of perks and also keep the original pricing.

How do I change my plan?

You can change or cancel your subscription at any time by updating your membership here

I'm a Tree. How do I gift a seed membership?

Send Kevin a message on Discord with the Discord alias of the user you would like to gift a seed membership to and we'll make it happen!

Spread the word!

If Dendron has been useful, we’d appreciate it if you help us spread the word. This helps us grow the tree of knowledge along with more people.

Email about Dendron

Hey <>, 

I've been using Dendron ( for a while now to manage my notes and I've been really impressed with how flexibly it scales with the number of notes I have. I think you would benefit from trying it out too. 

They've got a vibrant community in Discord (, a really responsive team, and their feature velocity has been top notch so the feedback we give them is impactful. 

Hope you can give it a try! 

Tweet about Dendron

I ❀️ @DendronHQ. It's the open-source thinking tool, built in to @code that scales with you. It's perfect for flexibly structuring my work. I now have all the knowledge I care about, just a few keystrokes away. 

Adding to the Dendron Awesome List

We'd love for you to share information about related, useful tools (your own creations, or those you use!) to the awesome-dendron list.

A big list of Dendron docs, talks, tools, examples, articles, extensions, vaults, showcases, and more that the internet has to offer.

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  2. Documentation
  3. Financial
  4. First Time Developers
  5. Spread the Word!