Intellisense is the auto completion mechanism used inside VS Code.

You can read the docs about it here.

To customize intellisense behavior, read the section on customization here

Dendron provides intellisense for writing links. For example, typing [[ will activate intellisense to suggest notes.

Header Completion

Dendron can also suggest completions for headers. You can type [[# to get the headers for the current file, and `[[some.note# to get the headers of some.note.

Anchor Completion

Similarly, if you have any block anchors, you can get them by typing [[#^ for the current file, and `[[some.note#^ to get the anchors from some.note.

You can also get all blocks within the current file by typing [[^. This includes every paragraph, list item, and table within the note. If these blocks don't already have block anchors, Dendron will automatically insert one once you select one.