3D engine entirely made of MS Excel formulae

Credit to @krisfremen#6757 for sharing the link for this week's Dendron Reading Series in our #teatime channel on Discord

"a given computation can be achieved with any programming language, even spreadsheet formulas".

The author took this piece of advice to heart, and inspired by Turing machines, sought to repurpose the general computational power of Excel. The author managed to create a 3D game engine, with features like infinite procedural generation, real-time ray tracing, occlusion and illumination, all in Microsoft Excel.

Reading this got me thinking: maybe it's not what a tool allows you to do, but how it allows you to do it. The experience of using tools, their effectiveness, efficiency and ergonomics, often extends beyond their stated purpose. In the hands of the user, they may take on new meaning.

Are there tools that you use in ways that they weren't meant to be? How have you repurposed tools to your own needs?